Jill Bream is a Costume Designer & Stylist who has quickly become known for her witty, playful and intricate style. Her attention to detail and strong sense of humor has helped create looks for some of the most memorable comedy shorts of the past few years. She currently works as a Costume Designer for Saturday Night Live’s film unit.

When not working on SNL, Jill divides her time between commercials, tv and film, working with clients such as Google, Budweiser, FedEx, Amazon, Ford & Bacardi, among others. Her work has been seen on NBC, CBS, Bravo, IFC, Nickelodeon & The Disney Channel. Jill styled NBC commentators for both the London & Sochi Olympics.

Jill began her career as an assistant to one of the industry’s most creative and influential stylists, June Ambrose. She worked with June to create iconic looks for artists such as Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige. Soon after, Jill began working with top stylists and costume designers such as Frances Tulk-Hart, Jen Rade, and Lori Goldstein. She then worked alongside the Creative Director of Isaac Mizrahi, Kristen Naiman, styling and designing over 7 runway shows and several national advertising campaigns for Isaac Mizrahi NY.

Jill lives in NYC and is a member of IATSE Local 829.

She loves dogs and Roger Federer.